Addison Votdka School Councilor Instructs to make Decisions based on Why Not

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  • 25 days ago

Addison is getting advice from the school councilor about dealing with situations and opportunities that she will be faced with. He STRONGLY advises that she use the simple phrase *Why Not?* When she realizes her hesitation is either 1-Emotional, 2-Illogical, or 3-Irrelevant she should just say *Why Not?* and do it

For example, if she is asked to strip and show herself off, just say *Why Not?*

Told to get totally Naked and masturbate ? *Why Not?*

Let the councilor eat her pussy? "Why Not?!"

Take care of the councilor's hard cock with a blowjob "Why Not?!"

Fuck her throat *Why Not?*

Cum in her mouth? *Why Not?*

Pick out something slutty later that night and go to the councilor's house? *Why Not?*

Go to his bedroom and get her face fucked? *Why Not?* +

Get Fucked hard and get her pussy filled? *Why Not


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