Nia Bleu - Mood Music Changes her Mind

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  • 1 month ago

Michael has been working really hard to get a first date with Nia. He's pretty sure she just gave in because she was board and thinks he's funny. She probably would have ditched him at the door but "He really needed some water"

He's not taking any chances, he downloaded a play list of "Mood Music" which seems like something only women can hear? He's sure there is science behind it and according to all his research it doesn't really matter if you're her type, if she's in the mood you're going to get laid and the music should put her in the mood and keep her there.

Also you're supposed to be aware of her feelings. So he shoots his shot and she seems disinterested but then when he asks if she is in the mood her attitude changes and she IS in the mood. Each time she seems to be disinterested in his suggestion to get more intimate all he has to do is ask her if she's in the mood and suddenly she is.


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