Lesbian Conditioning

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  • 16 days ago

Scarlett arrives looking for Abby to bring her back to the church, but instead of Abby, she finds Sadie. Sadie tries to turn Scarlett into a lesbian with a kiss, but Scarlett denies her, so she is tied up while Sadie worships her feet!

Abby finally returns and lets Sadie know that she will never be able to turn Scarlett lesbian, but Sadie has an idea - she pulls out a device and uses it on both girls to put them completely under her control - and into willing lesbians!


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Disgusting Tats. And they think it is attractive!
Any chance you can upload Laurel before 3 and 4?
Thanks in advance
Tattoes are so ugly. Thats awful
Hey can you upload LESBIAN CONDITIONING E18. It's from the same series by seductive studios. Thanks.