Cheerleader Controlled by Coach

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  • 1 year ago

Jesse is dirty little cheerleader slut that’s always up to no good. Coach Lawless is especially mad at her because she always sucks the starting QB’s dick before the big game, which makes him completely worthless. The teams 0-3 and it’s all because of Jessie Saint. Well, Coach Lawless has had enough and today he’s gonna show her who’s in charge. There’s no way this little brat is going to ruin his big chances of landing a job College State. Watch as Coach Lawless mesmerizes Jessie and turns her into a sex slave. He completely has his way with her and fucks her six ways from Sunday inside the locker room. When he’s finished laying down the LAW he tells her that she won’t remember a thing, then he snaps her out of the trance. Hopefully they don’t lose the Big Game tonight.


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