Sophia Fox 3

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Sophia Fox returns to the Dungeon. She complains that she has been having sexual thoughts and has been acting out in strange sexual ways since our last session. This is no surprise to me of course since I’ve been secretly programming her for this to happen.

I tell her that I can help her with some entrancement. She agrees and I put her under. I’m tricking her of course and while she’s under I program her to get intensely aroused as she tells me the stories of the sexual compulsions she’s been having. I also make it so these feelings will go away when I snap my fingers. Then I wake her up and watch her struggle as she tries to tell me what’s been happening but can’t ignore how turned on she feels. I snap my fingers a couple times to tease her a bit you can see the situation is making her very confused.

After she’s told me about some of her out of control sexual behavior, I put her back under. This time I program her to start feeling more and more aroused and outgoing until she removes a piece of clothing. Then she will feel modest again, but the arousal and urge to strip will start building once more until she removes another piece. This causes her to do a hilarious confused strip tease.

I wasn’t ready for what happened next. After she ran out of clothes she became so aroused she started to insist that I let her give me a blow job. Normally I would refuse this but she looked really sexy and she wanted me to make a video of it that everyone could see so I decided I’d let her do it and put it in the clip.

This clip ends with Sophia’s blow job shot from my POV. This is certainly my hottest session yet!


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