Freezing Females - Chrismas Dolls

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  • 7 years ago

Co-founder of Living Dolls Inc. Jack Moore, whistles a Christmas tune while applying the finishing touches to his new doll. The sexy statue with no name remains in a display case with a sign that reads “Silent Partner”. Soon a door bell rings and Jack heads upstairs to see who it is. Jack answers and sees Lexi, the local Church volunteer knocking door to door to spread the gospel of eternal life and salvation. He invites her in and offers her a drink, she accepts. After sipping on her drink and explaining why she is there, she gets very tired and slumps over. Jack applies a vibrator to her virginal pussy. Lexi breaks and begins to orgasm. Just as she starts to orgasm, Jack stabs her in the chest with a syringe and Lexi halts to a complete stop, frozen forever. The next day Jack old friend Frank and his wife Stacie makes it into town for Christmas. Jack and Frank talk about business and how Jack is handling things since Rachel, his partner disappeared. Jack eventually shows Frank and Stacie his new doll which is Lexi posed on a small pedestal posed like she is praising something above her. While Frank and Stacie are blown away by the realism of the doll, Stacie insults Jack and calls him weird for making these dolls. Stacie eventually tired of being around Jack decides to head to the shower before bed, leaving Frank and Jack who toast to Jack’s success. Frank tells Jack that she has not been putting out for months, and Jack decides to change that. While Frank went to bed, Stacie is heading out of the shower and is suddenly in the ass by Jack who surprises her from behind. Stacie freezes solid after letting out a scream. The shock is frozen on her face and Jack tells her that things are going to change. The next morning Frank wakes up alone in the bed and wonders where Stacie is. He heads to the living room and is shocked to see a life size doll replica of Stacie with a note from Jack that it is a gift. After Frank repeatedly told Jack that Stacie was going to have a fit when she saw the doll Jack finally reveals his methods. Frank is shocked yet understands now why all his dolls look so real. Frank helps himself to Stacie by taking her doggy style on the couch and finishing with a blowjob. He then poses her on the ground on all fours and leaves her mouth wide open for future use. Jack returns and is pleased to see that Frank is enjoying his new doll. Jack takes Frank downstairs to show him another statue, except Jack informs Frank that the red head statue in his laboratory is actually his former partner Rachel. Jack shows Frank another statue under a white cloth and reveals Lexi laying down on the gurney. Jack tells Frank that she was a bible thumper and instead he gave her eternal beauty. As Jack helps himself to a blowjob from the immobile bible thumper, Frank poses Rachel on her knees and helps himself to a blowjob. The men trade off fucking both dolls in multiple positions until Frank shoots a load all over Lexi. Jack fills up his former partner’s pussy with cum, something he had been wanting to do for a long time. They bring the Lexi and Rachel dolls upstairs. Stacie is right where Frank left her, on all fours with a gaping mouth and thousand yard stare. Jack gets behind her and jams in a silver control module inside her pussy. Jack pulls out a remote and presses a button. Instantly Stacie snaps up in attention. Frank is blown away and offers Stacie to Jack in exchange for the amazing gift of turning his bitchy wife into his own remote controlled sex doll. Jack helps himself and order Stacie to the couch and for a blowjob, Stacie does so robotically. Jack freezes Stacie and gets a blow job from Rachel and Lexi. He finishes on all their faces. The next day Jack receives a call from a customer who wants a Christian doll; he informs them that he’s got just the thing. After gazing at Rachel posed in her display, Jack looks at Lexi dress in a church outfit and informs her that the local priest had ordered a Christian doll. Little did Lexi know that the local priest who just bought her was the same own who sent her out to go door to door. Lexi, Stacie, and Rachel who were once living breathing women, now are sex dolls forever. Jack had given these three women what all women dream of, eternal beauty…


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