Chemistry Partner

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You're a college student and you know your chemistry partner has a crush on you. You learn that he has developed a formula that he made into a chewing gum which is supposed to give you total control over men. You want his formula.

You enter the room dressed to seduce so that you may try this gum and see its effects and steal it for yourself. You are wearing an outfit that shows a lot of stomach/curves/cleavage/legs. You seductively ask him to try this "gum" for yourself and flaunt your figure at him. He asks you out for real and you huff "maybe." You see two packs of gum on the counter and snatch one. You feel a warm feeling. It starts to do a sort of transformation on you. You feel this magical force push you from behind and stumble forward shaking your head."WHOA! What the? You feel weird,and start to smile wide, giggle, & twirl your hair. You try to seduce him with this huge smile, but when you try to tease and show off your outfit you get clumsy because you just can't take your eyes off of him. The plan backfires and you are essentially head over heels for him now.

Flustered you really want control over this guy because now you have a crush on him. You try the other pack of gum now & feel lightheaded, shake your head, giggle, get bubbly and bouncy. You are confused, you say you feel ird,djust your outfit to be more revealing, stumble holding your head, and feel vapid and bimbo-ish. You get very bubbly and bouncy in your movements, twirl your hair, say like a lot, become a bit vapid. You tell him you'll be right back you want to get changed for your date and come back with...


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Where can I find the full vídeo??