The Master Plan

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Dava is a top real-estate agent and has come to look over a new listing. The homeowner tells her he is looking to sell everything in the house, including and antique necklace. Dava is mesmerized by how it sparkles as he holds it up....
Jasmine is a successful single woman interested in buying her first house. Dava has come recommended as the best agent in town and has promised to show her the perfect property. She follows Dava up to see the Master Bedroom where she is surprised by the home owner.
Dava has brought young Jade over to see the house for an estimate for cleaning. The young girl just moved in to town and is looking for any kind of work so she thought getting hired to clean houses that were for sale would be a great business. Dava explains that she has to interview with the homeowner's personal assistant and introduces Jasmine. The interview reveals that Jade lives alone and doesn't really know anyone very well since she moved. Jasmine explains how they have to be able to trust her since their are valuables in the house, for example, a beautiful antique necklace...Jasmine and Dava prepare Jade to serve the Master


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