DVDES-609 - Low Hurdles to Sex 5, Scene 2 [subtitled]

Uploaded By Vivarium
  • Sep 16, 17
A patient waiting desperately for treatment at a sex clinic mercifully receives emergency care from a sexy nurse right in the waiting room.


Theozarkredneck's avatar Theozarkredneck • 569 days ago
I wish all Jav videos came with English subtitles
Theozarkredneck's avatar Theozarkredneck • 569 days ago
OK.. I've seen A LOT of porn in my life, but this video is one of the best I've ever seen. Leave it to the Japanese to film a video as unique as a sexual relief clinic... Man, we need those here in the States!
ettie's avatar ettie • 891 days ago
Thanks for the great vid. Subtitles are always a bonus.
tantaluss's avatar tantaluss • 891 days ago
Another one, I love this series so much, thank you for uploading the subtitled versions for us. It adds a new dimension to it when you can see whats happening in this series. If you have any more of this series please post it!