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Rural Wales, 1980's.

A report had come in that Ben Corbit, a.k.a. Mongo had been paroled from his latest stint at the jail. This created a stir in the local police station when neighbours complained about an increase in general thieving and ugly men lurking in the bushes around the school. There was an oh so common pattern with this development.
The Superintendent called in his new Inspector, fresh from London, in order to relocate action for this new threat to the community.
- I've already done that, Sir, said the Inspector.
- What?
- A new report came in just about thirty minutes ago and I made the decision to send a patrol out there in order to make an arrest.
The Superintendent looked suspicious at his subordinate.
- What patrol?
- A bus, Sir.
- A ..

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After my military service, I had realized my craving for submissive bisexual sex and the kinky need to combine that with authority positions, preferably in uniform. This was probably in the back of my head when I moved to the nation's capital and started to work for a very special security firm. It was owned by the state, still with a monopoly on state contracts, including the military.

I liked the uniforms. They were army green with old fashion design, jackets with Sam Brown belt, knitted green ties, and light brown shirts. On the head we carried ugly grey berets - I hated them. We looked smart, we polished our shoes and checked our self thoroughly in mirrors. It was as if I had never left the army.

During my introduction, I was following this strange fellow in his footsteps. He was maybe te ..

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The most beautiful girl I ever had sex with was Maria and it all happened at a party for millions of years ago. She was not sober and she expressed her anger at me openly and I must admit that I didn't understand why in the beginning. I should have, of course.

By then again, I've known Maria since way back when she was a girlie teenager. I was a friend of her father, Bruno, a rather jolly but also a stupid man - stupid in that slow, tiresome way. He was something of a house tyrant in his family, that guarded his women, wife Ilse, and daughter Maria, as a hawk because he knew only too well who I was and all about my dangerous penis.

Maria grew up to become this dark haired beauty with big brown eyes and a shiny smile. She had this fantastic body with big, heavy breasts, and a marvellously larg ..

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In the beginning, of the 1990's, I was a night supervisor at the third largest security firm in the capital city. The company I was working for was very conservative, owned by a family with old ties in the industry. Their business strategy was based on large stationary contracts, such as receptions at large banks, corporations and authorities. It was successful, it suited the whole structure of the company and, furthermore, created quite a character of their own head office and staff.

It wasn't official but one of the pillars at the Human Resources department was attractive employees - especially female employees. I kid you not this company had a wide selection of young, beautiful, sexy women at their disposal. It was like a strict, smartly dressed Playboy Mansion.

Not that it gave me any ple ..

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Once upon a time, for many years ago, I did my compulsory military service as an officers candidate in the army. It was an okay period of my life, the military life suited me, at least in a sexual sense. I was young, horny, in a very masculine environment and my cock was hard all the time. It was okay to express once a demand for pussy and the weekends where a virtual hunting spree at the local bar or whatever, whenever, however.

Being bisexual gave the army life an extra dimension. Lots of nice boys around, lots of nakedness in the showers, plenty of dangling cocks and tight, moving asses. Of course, caution was in high demand, men with developed sexualities are not liked among other men, especially not in groups. I had to cover my constantly erected manhood with a well-established reputation as a ..

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I arrived in beautiful Prague for a conference, dressed up smart for business, smelling of cologne, when my friend Stephan showed up at my hotel room. He wanted to fuck - Now - so here I am on my back, pinched to the wall with my legs in the air, being seriously buggered by a huge, Czech weightlifter.

Oh, he takes me hard, as usual, pumping away at my tight ass hole like there was tomorrow. I'm moaning and screaming from the massive pressure and lustful pain up my anal tube. Sweat is dripping from his forehead, his face strained by manly concentration on the target - to fuck the hell out of this hole.

Stephan likes his men in business suits, the more important the better. We are a perfect match since I prefer to be my usual submissive dressed up. I'm still in my dress jacket, my pants are on ..

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And so it happened that I was banging this female customs officer in Vilnius and it was good - but not good enough.

I had moved to Lithuania in the second half of 1990's. I experienced possibly the best summer in my life. Vilnius is a nice city built on several hills. The summer was sunny, hot and the local women fairly easy to attract. Here I had sexual relationships with some of the most beautiful girls in my experience. Oh, it was happy times.

The female customs officer was actually a member of the border guard and arrived in my life by share luck. She was open for action, in her middle 30's, trim and very interested in sex. She liked to play up work related scenes where she was searching me and discovered my big, hard manhood. The Lithuanian border guard uniforms are light brown, similar ..

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From time to time I've used contact ads for sexual action. Back in the 1990's, I used to search for uniformed women through Russian and Ukrainian newspapers and get loads of answers. I had quite a collection with pictures of uniformed women, cops, military etc. Unfortunate I only got in touch with one of them. She was a captain in the Ukrainian militia, but she had a sister in Riga, where I lived, something that helped a lot. She was also very open with sex, she told me so.

Let's call her Nadja. She had just passed 40, divorced for several years and one adult son, living in Kiev. She was alone, horny and intrigued about my uniform fetish, that much was clear. Nadja was the typical busty, broad ass lady from the east, nothing wrong with that. She came to Riga, officially for a visit to her sister, b ..

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My favourite drug is sex - and sex with almost everything that moves and talks. I drink. Or more correctly; I used to drink a lot, but not any longer. I never did drugs, mostly because I don't smoke and I don't like the idea with snorting powder up my nose and I hate needles. Otherwise, I'm all for legalizing drugs. It would be the best method to kill drug cartels and organized crime, I think.

I'm also bisexual. During my many years in Riga, the capital of Latvia, during the turbulent era of the 1990's, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I kept a number of male lovers, young lads with tight little butts and stiff organs pointing upwards their flat stomachs. It was pure bliss.

One of them - we can call him Ray - also brought with him a great number of girls to my flat. We used them f ..

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Let's go back in history. It's important to know some few historical facts in order to appreciate this story. We are talking about St Petersburg 1991. The Soviet Union had just crumbled and construction plans for the new Russia were on the way. I'm running a security detail in Russia's second city. it's a large hotel project and I live in a small building on the building site, inside the fenced perimeter. The actual physical protection is done by the Russian militia, the local police departments own security branch.

Now, the Russian police were by then corrupt, very corrupt, and they had been that since decades back. The communist Soviet Union had a black economy compared with the official national economy. Try to imagine, a second, complete Russian economy, hidden under the desk, ridden with organ ..