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Hi I'm Jen and I'm now 22 years old.

I started living with Andre 5 years ago while I was still in school. My Dad and him were friends from before I was born so when my Dad decided to up and leave Australia he left me with Andre and his (now ex) wife.

They looked after me OK and left me alone but Andre started bugging me about getting a job when I left school and I didn't know what to do. He told me he'd kick me out if I didn't start working or whatever which seemed unfair but I guess makes sense if I think about it.

I was still 19 when I first realised how I could get away with staying here without paying rent. I used to see him looking at me and sometimes woke up to see him jerking off (the place is pretty small). So when he looked over and saw me awake looking at him jerking off I didn't hide I just looked.

Pretty soon he was jerking off over my face while I slept and onto my butt and stuff. He let me post some of the vids he took from early on when he ..

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Unfortunately for her, being famous didn’t make Jennifer Lawrence exempt from the Free Use rules. After the Switch, she was swiftly purchased by a fan, who made her his personal slave. After 3 years of using and abusing Jennifer, the fan got tired of his old idol and started renting her out online for some extra cash. When I saw the listing on eSlave, I couldn’t resist spending the $100 to rent her for a week. After all, I needed someone to keep me company when I went fishing, especially after I sent my sister off for Slut Training.